Welcome to the Melrose Heights Magazine Art Gallery. Here, in every issue, we will showcase various artists and a collection of their works. The gallery is now taking submissions from artists around the world for the chance to have their art work shown in the MHM Art Gallery.

Melrose Heights Magazine offers the opportunity at international exposure to artists such as photographers, painters, illustrators, printers, fashion designers, and automobile designers, etc.

In addition to being featured in MHM print, artists will also be featured on our website. The MHM Art Gallery Online is a great place for artists to be shown by art lovers who view and collect The MHM art work from around the world.

Become apart of this exciting traveling Art Show. Artists and art enthusiasts can contact MHM anytime by emailing:

Offices of the Publisher

Featured Artist
Curtis Williams

Curtis Williams is an experienced advertising photographer, and a film producer/film director. He has worked in the professional of advertising for over 25 years. Curtis graduated with honors from the Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles. After several exhibits around the world and working for many prestigious clients, Mr. Williams combined sales, marketing and creativity in one house.

At the nucleus, Mr. Williams combines over 25 years of experience, 17 of which where in the European Community: Sweden, Germany, England, France, Spain as well as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.