About Melrose Heights Magazine

Melrose Heights Magazine is a high-gloss, high end, contemporary publication in both aesthetics and appeal. The one hundred and twenty-eight page magazine, published quarterly by internationally renowned photographer Curtis Williams, includes timely content highlighting everything from our neighborhood’s cultural and artistic events, whilst delivering only but the crème de la crème this beautiful city has to offer. Melrose Heights appeals to anybody with an appetite for uplifting, culturally-based material, particularly material that deals with the positive aspects of local business and important individuals.

Unlike any other publication to date, Williams' passion for people inspired him to create a magazine articulated heavily by humanitarism. In doing just that, Williams' ensures that each issue incorporates inspirational individuals helping others and making a difference in this world. Melrose Heights, dedicated to reporting back on the culture of Los Angeles, also strives to not only keep locals up to date; but to inform audiences around the world who plan to travel to this iconic city, or to whom simply want to know what Los Angelenos are up to. By providing quality, timely content on fashion, art, culture, music, literature, and a number of other topics- the language is universal. Readers of Melrose Heights are connected, informed, educated and entertained, and are able to best taste and experience what drives millions of people, each and every year, to this culturally-diverse and intricately beautiful city.

For information about our distribution and advertising opportunities, please contact us at info@melroseheightsmagazine.com

Scott Feinerman

travel writer
S “Scott” Feinerman brings to MHM a diverse background bridging professional areas providing for in-depth insight to the world of hospitality, travel and tourism development. He has worked in almost all facets of this worldwide industry, for multiple foreign government entities as well as for airlines, a cruise line, hotels, and travel and tour operations.

Curtis Williams

publisher, editor-in-chief, owner
Curtis Williams is an experienced advertising photographer, and a film producer/film director. He has worked in the professional of advertising for over 25 years. Curtis graduated with honors from the Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles. After several exhibits around the world and working for many prestigious clients, Mr. Williams combined sales, marketing and creativity in one house.

Fatima Marques

food writer
Fatima Marques, dual chef and owner of Natas Pastries in Los Angeles, is a native citizen of Lisbon, Portugal. Fatima examined the Los Angeles area and discovered a culinary chasm in an otherwise diverse cultural landscape. She was inspired to fill the void for traditional Portuguese food by opening her own bakery and café in Sherman Oaks, CA.