• Scott Feinerman

    • MHM Team
    travel writer

    S “Scott” Feinerman brings to MHM a diverse background bridging professional areas providing for in-depth insight to the world of hospitality, travel and tourism development. He has worked in almost all facets of this worldwide industry, for multiple foreign government entities as well as for airlines, a cruise line, hotels, and travel and tour operations.

    Most recently he culminated over 20 years of tourism development with the Israel Government Ministry of Tourism. This is combined with successful development of the first U.S. college Certificate and A.A. Degree programs in Travel as a dedicated discipline, having concurrently developed, administered and taught in the program for some 45 years. In addition to his base at West Los Angeles College, he has taught at Glendale College, UCLA Extension, CSU Dominguez Hills and for numerous foreign institutions. Feinerman brings a past of extensive worldwide travel and work abroad, writing ability and organizational development which have been recognized in many areas and will contribute on multiple levels of MHM’s growth.

    Professor Emeritus
    Tourism & Travel
    Program Director/Division Chair
    Aviation, Hospitality &Travel
    West Los Angeles College
    Culver City CA

    Director, Clergy & Travel Industry Relations
    Israel Government Ministry of Tourism
    Western Region USA
    Los Angeles CA

    Many activities are accomplished concurrently:

    • Over forty years of college and university teaching, program development, administration and international student activities, including West Los Angeles College, UCLA and California State University Dominguez Hills.
    • Served in concurrent positions as Coordinator/Secretariat of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) North American Chapter for Tourism (13 years) and Foreign Government Tourist Offices (FGTO) Los Angeles (five years).
    • North American Director of Marketing & Sales for noted hotels throughout South East Asia and the Orient
    • Consulting for numerous other organizations in travel & tourism, having worked with more than 40 foreign governments.

    This is combined with some 20 years of supervisory and training positions with the Automobile Club of Southern California and consulting for international touring clubs. He has also worked for organizations ranging from Continental Airlines to Australia’s Qantas, Italy’s Alitalia Airlines, and the original Princess Cruise Company. Travel agency and tour operations marketing and sales are also among his experiences after having served in the U.S. Air Force, in Europe and North Africa.